3 Days Chilling in Santa Monica

Hey guys, So I've started a Blog, its hopefully going to be a bit easier to put together and keep going than the old pdf updates!

I'm in LA staying in Santa Monica with a good friend of Terenzo's; Derek King. He runs a cool triathlon website K226 http://www.k226.com/ with events, information and links to all things triathlon. Check out the athlete section with links to athlete facebook, twitter, websites and blogs all in one place.

Derek has been great driving me everywhere and organising training, which has been much better than going straight to Mexico and trying to figure everything out where pools etc are. He has a pretty sweet bike collection in the living room including Chris McCormack's bike from his 2007 Kona Ironman win. (Looks great with my new S-Works SL3. Thanks to new sponsor Specialized!).

I'm here trying to get over the jetlag until Thursday afternoon when I fly to Monterrey for the ITU World Cup on Sunday. I'm ranked 12th on the startlist, and it's a really good field. It'll be a hard hot day. I'm feeling confident after last week's solid result in the heat and have recovered quite well. May the blue skies and hot days continue here in Santa Monica!

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