26/7/11 - Breaking Convention in Geneva

Hey guys. I made it into the race in Geneva and have just got back from an in and out weekend to the race. The hand was healing well and in the days leading up to the race I was able to venture out onto the road for rides and swim up to 4k in the pool. I would just need to be very careful not to open the break up again as it would then take a very long time to heal.
In the end the race went well. It was a cold day with a wetsuit swim, and the course in geneva is one of the hardest on the circuit with a tough 1km climb on each of the 6 laps. I had the #1 ranking again which is an awesome feeling. I chose the far right side of the pontoon so my right hand would have clear water at least to the first buoy to avoid getting hit. My great swim form from the last races continued and I was out of the water in the top 10.
The pace was on right through transition with a group of 8 guys trying to get away in the first km of the bike. I was able to bridge a pretty big gap on my own to the back of this group, and then hang on up the first climb without blowing up. We lost a couple on the climb and there were 7 of us. It was a solid group with 3 aussies and we worked well together and we extended our lead on the chasers every lap. I had to really dig deep to hold the group each time up the hill as I was very cold and I hadn’t ridden out of the saddle in over 2 weeks. Once I recovered I was able to contribute to the work on the downhill and flat sections, but I felt like a bit of a passenger. Anyway, things were looking good for me with just 7 guys to run against, and the confidence of coming down from altitude with 5 weeks of solid running behind me.
When we got off the bike I did feel good, but not amazing. I think the cold affected me a bit as I felt like I had asthma the whole run. I started at the front and was joined by a young English guy Matt Sharp. He turned out to be too good and I couldn’t hold onto him. We ran away from the rest of the field and I came in 2nd. Not a bad result but I was hoping to win the thing especially as there were only 7 of us off the bike. I picked up a bit of prizemoney, some points and got back in the rental to Font Romeu. I now have 2 more weeks here leading into London with Debbie Tanner, Coach Pete Pfitzinger and Physio Caleb Hill. Feeling good and excited for London!

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